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October 22, 2009



These look really good. Once you have worn them for 18 days does the effect stop working, or can you continue wearing them? Does it still help tone your shape?


Hi Steve. I'm still wearing the full length leggings as part of my winter wardrobe as they just look like normal leggings. My skin always feels super soft after wearing. You can continue to wear them after eighteen days, thats just the minimum you need to wear them for to see the results. I hope that this helps.

Amy x


Hi there! Thius sounds too good to be true, so it probably is! However, does it have any effect on the demon tummy area? Anne


They all sit quite high on the waist but the areas we saw the best effect was on our hips and thighs. Loads of the girls in the office have now bought them too x


Can you wash them or does this lessen their effectiveness? Just concerned about hygiene over the course of three weeks if you've only got one pair!


Hi! Am really intreged - how long are the effects supposed to work? I mean will they work after many washes??


Hi Kathryn and Catherine. The product is guaranteed for 20 washes and you should hand wash the garments. I hope that this helps. I still wear mine now as normal leggings with jumpers and dresses etc x

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