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July 10, 2008



Nice to get behind the scenes! How would You describe a typical shoot day? By the way, who's the model? Everyone else got their name mentioned...

wendy o'gorman

To Whom it may concern
why do you not do bras to make the fuller figure feel sexy??i dont want to wear a frumpy bra because im so big i want something to wear to make me feel sexy!! im a size 50c or i was last time i was measured and that is because my back is broad but all you do is frumpy bras for this size will you be doing something like this at sometime?? as i know im not alone in feeling this way even trinny&suzanne are now realising that the market don't cater enough for the bigger sizes without you having to look like a old lady. although you do cater for this sort of market they are not going to make someone like me feel sexy wearing this sort of bra and we bigger girls end up wearing the wrong size because no-one caters for us! something like the balconette is quite a sexy looking bra but yet again not to my size?? :-(
thank you
i look forward to hearing from you
wendy :-(

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