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March 27, 2008





he is a god!!!

got my waist shaper briefs ordered a mere 10 mins after they appeared on screen!

i cant wait to try them :o)


farah syed

i love your programme wonderfull to see women of a large size after giving birth made to feel like a model without surgery would love to get some advice form u too.


You are a true hero - every woman should have a gay best friend to advise her, but you are guiding the nation, no more starvation tactics, just love your curves - love you Gok xxxx

Ashleigh Fay

This man is truly amazing. he's an amazing stylist as well as an amazing guide, and I love how he celebrates the female form, regardless of size or shape. he makes us all feel like princesses who deserve to be treated that way!
He is my absolute hero.

Adrienne Russell

Gok Wan is truly a girls' best friend - how I would love to have him with me every time I go shopping for clothes! Great to have a show with no more plastic surgery, lipo, botox thrown at us. x


Gok is GREAT! About time we all started to like ourselves. It's great to get in shape, but we shouldn't be hating ourselves whatever size or shape we are. Feel good NOW!

Deb Wyatt

I ordered the waist cincher from episode 1 OMG what a difference I feel fantastic!!!!!! cheers Gok you are every womans Hero!!!!!! XXXXXXXX


Gok - gorgeous as a whole person - he has a genuine empathy with women, and is such a warm/funny person, good on you Gok for showing us all that sex appeal is a state of mind not a physical appearance, and that we are all capable of this - long may you reign LOL


finally a man in tune with women and their bodies! gok you rock xxxxxxxxx


gok should be given an mbe/obe for his brilliant work and for making women feel like godesses, id love to fit him in my handbag to have with me constantly, i got the waist cincher he recomended and wouldnt be without it now. luv ya.xx

Carol Cox

Gok, you are amazing! You don't patronise, you don't criticise... you advise and empathise, what a truly gorgeous man you are. I am learning to show off my body shape rather than cover it with baggy tops/trousers, thank you soooo much.


I think Gok is the greatest I just love How to look good naked,he really is a great stylist, makes larger women feel great and sexy!


I just wish I could have you as my best friend, we could spend hours shopping together and I'd know that I'd be going home with clothes that suit me!!!


Gok is my hero, no longer do I hide my body and find fault with my body, thinking that I'm bigger that I really am. Now I have great underwear and my inner goddess radiates confidence. Love you Gok for showing me how to love me and celebrate being a woman.

ur mom

OMG!! so kwl!

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