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March 19, 2008



I was amused by "you can always borrow your wife's Spanx." Lacking any decent and unobtrusive mens control wear, My wife already bought me my own Spanx and for even better control a pair of Bodywrap control Long Legs. The bodywrap is firmer and I like them better.


When my husband gained some extra pounds two years ago I made the proposal to him to wear a girdle. Of course he refused but when I insisted he tried one. After a few days we got a nice forming Rago llpg for him. Now, two years later he lost his extra pounds and looks fitter and slimmer again. But he still wears his girdle, although we had to buy a new one in a smaller size. Why shouldn´t men wear shapewear?

Daniel D

Just so you all know, there are medical reasons for wearing shapewear. There's an awful lot of tubing "down there" and the folds of fat can pinch and put pressure on them, causing pain. Sure, you can loose weight by exercising and eating right, but until the weight comes off, it can be uncomfortable.

On the other hand, there's a bunch of lazy people who want to look better than they deserve.

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