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January 21, 2008



Must say that I prefer to have support in the nether region. Anything too slack and you can be sure I can end up in pain after a few days. Then again those wishing to have children need to have circulation to cool things down there so wearing boxers is ideal.

Petr London

Paxo also commented on failing gussets. I have certainly noticed failing seams (which I think is what his term means) on the same manufacturer/retailer's goods, and on a certain famous French brand. The dodgy point seems (oops) to be right at the lowest joint where three or four pieces of material meet between one's legs. Once a seam fails it just spreads along to the front or rear. Blooming nuisance, and so disappointing if these briefs have been a really comfy fit.

Bob Jones

ITV's this morning did a feature on this and had a good selection of supportive underwear shown including some from figleaves.
Just do a seach on google video for paxman underwear and it shoud come up

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