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September 21, 2007



Wonderful but when are you ever going to provide something for size 28 and 30. We aren't all AA. I'd like more choices in 28DD or E!!!

Yasmin and Ulrike

We agree with Debbie, half sizes should be available with any cup size, e.g. F,FF,G.


playtex bras are a good fitting bra at reasonable prizes and are beginning to be better designed in prettier fabrics.

joanna renee maes

These bras are perfect for us older transgendered ladies. I have real 38b and i want to get to a 40c maybe even a d cup so these bras are a gift.


I also agree half sizes should be available in bigger sizes, ie FF or E! Its hard eonough trying to find pretty bras at a reasonable price, dont leave us out!!


why o why have you not moved on ? you only make this up to a D we are not all toys and barbie dolls i am a 36 HH and proud of it but it is so frustrating that you can not get nice pretty bras at affordable prices. please join us in the 21st century and make bras for the rest of us !!!


But what about those of us who need smaller than an A!!1

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