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June 05, 2007



I have purchased a 'magic knickers' high waisted but cannot wear it as it just rolls down all the time, it also has small bones in waist area which I thought would help, my size is 16 - 18 tummy and waist probs, is it worth me trying another kind? thanks


Hi Christine
In the Spanx Slim Cognito range you'll find a bodysuit with a strap that attaches to your bra - designed not to roll down. Might be worth a try?


Magic knickers and spanx i find ''roll'' down on me..some other from m&s did not but look awful and dident slim me at all.

Pauline Hardy

Hi, just want to say I have thoroughly enjoyed the series and do not now feel as bad about myself. I am awaiting a bust reduction and I now don't think I will go through with it. Thank you for all the advise.Keep up the good work.


Where or where can I buy the gel impants to push up my ageing boobs? Thanks to anyone who can help.


Loved all the programmes can't believe the difference in the ladies after Gok has finished with them but....what about us over 50's who still think we have a life?

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