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May 02, 2007



That will be the Fantasie Smoothing t-shirt bra that is out of stock then?

Karine Hemond

i'm a french person, so excuse my english... I have a question... I have 5 children and my breast have fallen...down. I'm only 29... It is just skin now, and it's fall into the bra. Do you have tips for me?
Thank you for answering me...


Hi Margy

I don't know what size you were looking for, but the Fantasie Smoothing t-shirt bra is available in most sizes and colours for immediate despatch (gets a great customer rating too!)


Hi Karine

I've had a word with our fitting expert Kate Horrell - she recommends a half cup bra or a balconette bra (one where the neckline cuts across the breasts horizontally, much like a strapless bra). If you need an extra boost, a padded half cup bra (Huit does some good ones) are worth a try.


The Vollers looks great.I`m 70 next week and although had 5 babes have generally kept my figure,although boobs are not as high but certainly still look good. I want the Vollers basque but the comments say not over a D cup.I`m an E34.Would it be wise to ignore my desire? would I flop out the top for want of a better expression?


Hi Karine,

I have the same problem as you - four children later the 34B's I used to own are now a 32AA! Unfortunately when I looked at the Huit section there was nothing in my size and if I tried a balconette bra all you'd see is stretched skin,as I have no "boob" left, so the ideas from people who don't have our problem are good in theory, but not in practice!
I live in a padded bra in the winter and in summer I wear non-underwired triangle bras with gel-fills if it's not too hot. That's just to give me some shape or I look like a boy. When it's hot or if I go swimming I just feel very self-conscious and flat-chested. If anyone else out there has some advice, I'd love to hear it too....


Hi Corrie
I can't pretend there is no danger of you 'flopping out' over the Vollers corset but I guess the only way to find out for sure is to try it on...
Perhaps you might like to try a bra sized basque instead? It will give the same waist-slimming effect but with more support (and still very glam, of course). Panache and Pour Moi are good; Fantasie's Bridgette and Rigby & Peller's Opulence basques are lovely; and look out for a knockout basque by Masquerade arriving later in the summer.


Can you give me details of padding that was used in the bra of Goks' lady in week 3 episode - May 15th?


i need a pretty all in one or basque type thing to go under my wedding dress, it can be strapless or clear straps (which will probably be better) i am a d cup


Hi Catherine

I'm afraid I can't help you with the padding used in episode 3 - it's not something we sell right now.


Hi Melissa

Rigby & Peller's beautiful Opulence basque is very popular, or Pour Moi's Versaille (as featured in episode 3 of the show) is a great buy at £45. I'd also have a look at Simone Perele's Fidji basque, Charnos Satin Jacquard, Lepel Pearl or, for a smooth look under your dress, Fantasie's Ivory Rose - a real classic. All of these are available in a D cup.


Im 19 and I have 36D breasts, but im really struggling to find a bra that looks good on me. Nothing seems to give me cleavage, I just seem to get flattened out and tucked away. Can you recommend any bras to give me an amazing lift?

Thanks! X


Hi Kerry
The best place to start is by making sure that you are wearing the correct size bra - have a look at our eight fitting clues (you'll find them in the Shop By Size section of the website) to check. If you are wearing the right size, a plunge bra should emphasize your cleavage, while a balconette bra will give you a more subtle uplift effect.


Hi, in last night's episode, while they were testing the stretch mark cream, a larger lady was seen wearing a set of very sexy black underwear with a red ribbon running across the top of the bust. The bra, despite being for a larger size, seemed very delicate and feminine - where can I buy it?

Helen K

I'm 18 with a problem. I'm a 34D - but only in one breast, the other is a 34A or maybe B. I need an attractive low cut bra that's got space to put padding in one side but that will give me some cleavage. Please help!


Hi Zoe

We didn't supply the lingerie for that section of the show, but you could try the Lepel Una in black/pink or the Freya Arabella in black for a similar look.


I am struggling with buying a sexy suspender set, I am between 14/16 and the 16 is too big and falls down, this is not a good look, any suggestions


Hi Carry
Sounds like the size 14 could be worth a try. Alternatively, you could try a basque or knicker with detachable suspender straps.


Hi Helen K
Finding the right bra might well involve some trial and error - it's important to fit the larger breast first, then to pad out the smaller one with a good quality gel fillet. In general, while a t-shirt bra might disguise the problem if you can get a good level of padding, a cut and sewn bra made from a stretchy fabric such as stretch lace is more flexible than a moulded bra. A half cup bra can also be a good solution (since the difference in size is at the top of the breast). Triumph's Amourette 300 underwired half cup bra, or Charnos's Cherub non padded bra might be a good starting point. Let me know how you get on!


I'm a 34FF, and have a lot of Freya bras, but though when you look at the pictures of the various bras, they seem to give a pushed-up effect - however, my breasts seem to just sag down and don't really have any shape to them. Balconette bras don't seem to give me any lift at all, I always have a big gap in the middle; plunge bras I just fall out of.
Can anyone give me some ideas for supportive bras that might give me some shape and lift, without being completely padded?

Carole Davis

I have a belly and love handles and a lumpy bit at my midriff, so need something that holds all these inside without looking like a parcel. Luckily I dont have big thighs, but need something. I have to sit most times so dont want bones sticking in me!


Hi Carole
There's no need to wear anything with boning these days - stretchy controlwear by brands like Spanx, The Body Wrap and Rago pulls you in without boning. I'd recommend a high waist control brief, or tights with tummy control.


Hi Amy

I'm just wondering if you are wearing the correct size bra? I spoke to our head of sizing Kate Horrell - if you have a big gap in the middle of a balconette bra, this could be because the wire is standing away and the cup is too small; again, if you are falling out of a plunge bra, this could also be a sign that the cup is too small. For more tips, have a look at our bra fitting guide (you'll find it in the Shop by Size section of the site). But if you work through our fitting clues and find that you are wearing the right size, do let me know and we'll try and find some suitable styles for you.

Sarah C

Hi - can anyone help me with some advice? I've just bought a gorgeous evening dress which is halter neck but with ribbons that tie up behind the neck. It fits beautirfully but without a bra squashes my boobs flat - as a 38D I would like to make the most of them - does anyone have any ideas regarding the best underwear? It will have to be strapless.



I am going on holidays soon, and would like to find a swimsuit that will look great. I am an 36 E, size 14 and have large thighs. Any Ideas?


Hi....i need some advice. I have just given birth to my 2nd child and have a wobbly belly.I am a size 10 bottom but am a size 12 on top. Normal pant controls don't actually work as they just pull the flab up! Could you recommend the best solution as i have my brothers wedding coming up and don't want the bulge.



Hi Sharon
The best way to smooth down the bulge is with all over control - Spanx does a good control slip, or try a control bodysuit by The Body Wrap or, for more firm control, Miraclesuit Shapewear.


Hi Lisa
Our swimwear buyer Sarah Dolan-Abrahams has some recommendations for you. Ballet's Monaco halterneck swimsuit has a dotty halterneck that will draw attention to your cleavage and away from your legs. It also has a matching kaftan. Fantasie's Rumba one-piece is strapless (again, drawing the eye upwards) and has adjustable legs); Triumph's 4 Your Curves one-piece will add a bit of colour to your holiday wardrobe and has a flattering halterneck; Ballet's Antigua also has adjustable legs; or try Freya's dramatic Singapore Sling.


Each week when it get to the catwalk bit of the show - there is a (plus size?) blonde model - wearing a black pair of knickers with a lace frill over each leg - like a skirt frill but doesn’t run over the front like the Chantelle shorty style – do you know what these are? They look fab!!

Lisa Defty

Just watched tonights programme. I love the body shaper that appeared tonight. Cant find it on your website


Hi, I'm a size 16 and i've just ordered the Rago waist clincher in XL. Is this the right size for me? I checked the size under briefs section of the size guide!

subi labinjoh

hi i wear a size 34HH/36H bra but they never seem to come in strapless so what do i wear underneath my dress when i want to wear a strapless dress


Hi there,
I watched how to look good naked last night and was I'm now wondering which item of lingerie was the one featured on last night's show. It took inches of the lady and had a bra fitted in to it. Please could you let me know which item that was.


Hi there, Please can you help I have the biggest bum in the world and it is really wobbly as well as really sticking out. Can you reccomend anything to try and control it. Thanks


I am keen to buy a wasit cincher - possibly one for every day wear and one for going out. I am a size 8-10. There seems to be such a big difference in the prices of these, i would appreciate some advice on which one(s) to buy.


Hi Sarah C

Have you tried the Wonderbra Multiplunge? It has a strapless option and a low cut front and should give your cleavage a boost.


Hi Lisa
All the figleaves.com products featured at the show are now at the beginning of this post - sorry for the delay!


Hi Subi
I'm afraid you are right - we don't offer strapless bras in a HH cup, I suspect because a strapless bra would not give you enough support. I'd suggest wearing a bra with pretty straps in a similar colour to your dress so that it doesn't matter if a little bit of strap shows.


Hi Jenny
Any good control brief with a longer leg will help to lift your bum and smooth out your silhouette, but Trinny & Susannah's Bum Lifter has been specifically designed for this and is a good one to try. Aristoc also does a bottom shaper tight.


Hi Lindsay
It looks like the right size according to our chart but if you find it doesn't fit then do please let us know and we'll look into it.

sarah henderson

hi please help im fed up with my huge belly bra size 36b but waist 34in to incorporate my belly any ideas

Ros Millett

I am a size 14-16 dress size but wear a 34G bra. Is it possible to find a supportive body that will fit me around my bottom AND bust as I am not a standard dress size shape? I need something that will support my stomach muscles, smooth my midriff and not dig in when I sit down. Oh - and I don't have a waist anymore...


There is a knickers and bra set on the show each week, shown on one of the catwalk models, it's black and lacy. Is it a thong with the Elle McPherson Coranto Shorty over the top or is it something else?
thank you


I'd love a Rago waist cinch but don't know what size to buy, I'm a UK12. I suppose a M or L??



I am a size 14-16 and would like to know if I was to just buy the miracle suit shapewear wast clincher (in episode 1 of How to look good naked) would it be enough to flatten my bulging stomach and love handles as I don't really need the long control pants for my thighs or would I need to wear the waist clincher with control pants for it to work?




Hi Ros
You might find that a well fitting bra and a separate control pant or slip works better for you. Spanx does a slip that you can attach to your bra for a smooth silhouette.


Hi Victoria
For everyday, any high waist control pant will pull in your waist and smooth down your silhouette (and will work under eveningwear too, of course). Cinchers such as Rago's and Miraclesuit's will give your waist more definition and are great worn under a special occasion dress (designer dresses often have such corsetry built in). A corset like Vollers can be worn as outerwear or as a special bedroom piece.


Hi Sarah
Have you tried shapewear? A control pant or camisole might be good for you - Sassybax does some great camisoles that slim down the whole upper body.


Hi Claire
No, you don't have to wear the waist cincher over control pants if you don't need them - should work fine on its own!


Hi Rachael
Just had a look at our sizing charts (you'll find them in the Shop by Size section of the website) - a medium corresponds to a UK 12.


hi can sumone please giv me some advice. I have a wedding nw in july and just had baby,I want to wear a dress, i just need to know what wud b good underwear and dress to go for. I am 34E and size12-14 and still have my babybelly.


I am looking for suitable underwear to wear underneath my strapless wedding dress - i am a 34B so need something that will not completely flatten my chest!! Also would like pants to suit a pear shaped figure. Help!!




I am a 34FF and wear size 10 clothing. Any advice on some bras that provide good support and up lift?


wendy gill

hi i have been watching your programme and wonder if you could advise i am soon to be married am a dress size 16 and boob size 38a so need sumthing to pull me in but give me mega cleavage what can i do? my dress is zip up and a sweetheart neckline please help worrying so much i gonna look flat chested. wendy.x


i have size 32DD breasts and i was just wondering what style bikini is best too look good but also support well. i cant seem to find any that fit me well and arent too expensive. have you any suggestions?

Donna Lee-Elliott

Hi x

I love V I X swimwear but I am a size 32DD (slightly droopy, following child production).
I want a bikiki for my holiday, classic and simple like VIX, but not a frumpy holster bolster!

Help much needed! xx


I am a typical pear shape - small top half, big thighs, bum and hips. I've recently been diagnosed with a condition which means I can't exercise - not good as I've put on quite a bit of weight (in all the wrong places!). It's my 30th birthday in a few weeks and want to wear a dress. I need some underwear to smooth and trim my bum, thighs and hips without leaving bulges. Any ideas?


I am looking for a medium control body but the off the peg ones are always too long in the body, I don't like the idea of seperate pieces but I need to smooth out my belly and middle age spread, what would you recommend. I have just watched How to look good naked for the first time, what a brilliant show!


Hi Donna

I'd recommend Freya, Storm in a D Cup and Shoshanna for DD+ swimwear that's classic but sexy


Hi Joanne

We don't supply the lingerie for the catwalk show so I can't help you there, I'm afraid


Hi Jennifer
Have you tried a control slip? You can be a little more flexible with a slip than a body when it comes to length, and some brands do them with cups too. Otherwise I would recommend a control camisole (Sassybax does a good one) worn with control pants.


Hi Amy
Any long leg control pant will do the trick - try Rago, The Body Wrap, Wacoal or Beautycode. The Body Wrap does a capri pant that will slim you down all the way to the calves. Control top tights are another option.


Hi,please can you help me in anyway. Iam a size 34F and looking for a bra soloution for a dress iam going to wear to a wedding. The dress has two small openings at the front both about 1" apart. I have been looking in many websites but just can't find any in my size.

Would very Much Appreciate any help or advice



Hi Dee

You don't say where the openings on the dress are but I suspect you are looking for a plunge bra? Freya's Retro Basic plunge bra and the Panache Superbra Inferno are both worth a try and available in your size.


Please can you help me? Since having kids I have had problems with my midriff. I'm not overweight but above my belly I have 2 horizontal rolls of flab that I just cant seem to shift. What can I do?

Thanx, Dawn


I am 19 years old and I wear a 32A but the cup is ever so slightly loose. I am shy about going to get measured and also sometimes the under-wire itches me so I can get away with going bra-less on certain occassions.

Any adive ??


Hi Sarah

Apologies for the delay in replying to you. First of all, I'd advise you to make sure that you are wearing the right size bra - if you are shy of going to a shop to be measured, try our eight step guide to finding your true bra size. You'll find it in the fitting room in the Shop by Size tab on the website.
A non-wired bra is a good option if you don't like underwires - type 'non wired bra' into the search box to see our current selection.
And finally, if you do find that you are between an A and a B cup, you might like to try Playtex My Size, which is available in half cup sizes.


this is a brillant blog, it has given me hope, its not about what you wear its about how you wear it


Heres a thought... I LOVE the show, it always makes me feel better about myself cause it makes me realize Im just not seeing myself the way others do....

But then I come here and Im very disappointed to see those "Purfect 10" models showing off the Bra's and Pantie's...

Why not show REAL women wearing them so we can see what WE will look like in them ??????????????????

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