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February 15, 2007


Gemma Hammond

I am a pear shape, your website explains how to dress for many shapes but it doesn't say about pear shapes, what style do you suggest for people my shape?


Hi Gemma

A pear shape is the same as a triangle - sorry, should have made that clear!


I need a swim suit to disguise my post baby flabby midriff. It's only been a few months so I'm also carrying about 14lbs extra weight. Any advise?


Hi Lori

Lots of our customers swear by Miraclesuit for great tummy control; alternatively, Magicsuit (by the same company) offers one-pieces with slightly more gentle control. Anything with ruching around the waist will flatter a post-baby midriff - I love the La Blanca one-piece in the Rectangle section above. Seaspray is also good for draped one-pieces. And a long length tankini (long enough to meet your bikini bottom) can also be flattering. Hope this helps!

David Brierley

Any suggestions for a great figure, with a long body and short legs?

I really like the Seafolly baroque bikini set with the hipster tie side pant, but my wife is concerned about the hipster look making her legs look shorter. Any suggestions? I guess beach footwear would help.


Hi David

Tie side pants are flattering, but the retro pant might be worth a try since they sit a little higher on the hips. Hope this helps!

Nikki Foster

I think I'm a triangle, I have large hips and thighs, but a small back. I though find that tie-side bottoms only accentuate my wide hips, could you please explain why you are promoting them? Maybe I'm missing the point as to why you're promoting them for my shape, am I missing out by not wearing them?


Hi Nikki

I'm also a triangle and I didn't believe it at first either... but I've found that tie side briefs are flattering for a couple of reasons. First, you can adjust the tie sides to fit (so there's no risk of the dreaded hip bulge); secondly, if you have a bit less fabric it actually makes your hips look smaller (I think Tyra Banks has been quoted as pointing this out too).

Mrs Trellis

I'm slim but I don't necessarily want to wear a skimpy bikini, and most of the more substantial models don't come in my size (32B and a 6-8 or US0). I loved the Princesse Tam Tam Salome bikini last year and I wondered if there was anything similar around now, or coming up for this season.


Hi there

A new Cosabella bikini has just been published that might interest you - the Hydra bikini is quite similar to the P T-T style from last year. Shoshanna is an American designer brand that offers a good level of coverage; and look out for Hermanny by Vix (again, a designer brand with a touch more coverage) which is coming soon. Hope this helps!


I am a pear shape, but my bra size (32E) is not in the list in the triangle section. It is on the list in every other body shape section though, why is this?


Hi Becky

Thanks for pointing this out - we'll have another look at the selections. In the meantime, Freya and Panache have some good halterneck tops and tie-side pants that would be good for a pear shape.

Helen Brown

Both myself and eldest daughter are hour glass (her more so than me!) Our problem is she is 34E and I am a 34DD so we need support (Me more than her) She is also looking for a young trendy style as she is only 18 where as I am fashion conscious but want cover as a priority in a flattering bikini style! Your help please.


Hi Helen

If you are looking to splash out, I would recommend Shoshanna - it's an American designer brand that ticks all the fashion boxes but comes in a good range of sizes too (the Rainbow Dots is possibly the most supportive style). Panache does a bandeau top in the Grace range that might be good for your daughter, while Lepel is another label worth looking at for sleek basics. We have some new Storm in a D Cup arriving soon - look out for the Tropicana range. And don't forget Freya, which is very popular for basics.



I have a large bust (34g) and big tummy (though there is definition at the sides). The tops of my thighs are a bit wobbly too. I want to be able to have support on top when I tuck the straps in/under. Could you suggest the best swimsuit and bikini (may buy top and bottoms seperately) for my size.

Thanks very much.


Hiya, I have a small frame of 5ft 2" with a size 34B-C bra. I am a size 8-10 and I have a high waist in which I wear my trousers on my hips and do find shopping a big disaster for my bottom half. What would you recommend for me and others in a similar position?


Hi Caren

Fantasie and Freya are both good brands for you - I'd recommend Freya's Vodka Martini set since it combines a supportive top with briefs that offer good coverage (and the wide belt will flatter a big tummy). Since a bra's support comes from the underband, not the straps, it should be fine to tuck your straps in for sunbathing. Fantasie, Freya and Panache all do one-pieces in your size - Fantasie's Rumba is a good style since it has detachable straps.


Hi Ella

I'm afraid I can't work out from your comment if you are trying to shorten or lengthen your torso. If it's the former, I'd recommend breaking it up with higher waisted bikini briefs (try Gottex Silver Bora Bora) or a tankini (Seafolly's Tiki Separates are good). If, on the other hand, you are trying to create the illusion of a longer body, a plain one-piece or tankini will do the trick.

Miki Miller

I go straight down....Have 38C 29" 34" ..how do you fix that with a bathing suit? French cut has always worked for me but can't find anymore.


Hi Miki

OK, I'm stumped - have never heard of a French cut! Can you enlighten me?



hi im a size 18 body and im 32 years old ive recently had a reconstruction after having a maesectomny and its my first holiday since. My body is quite large all over and i want to make the most of myself and not look silly on the beach any sugestions would be grateful


i'm a size 10 bottom and 8 top (32C bra)
i have a birthmark on my left thigh that i would rather was hidden at the beach (kids point and make comments that taunted me as a child)
i usually wear shorts but if my bottom is larger than my top i'm advised to wear small bottoms.
What can i do?


I have a noticable belly so what shape would this be? Would appreciate help.



Hi Joe

Halternecks are really flattering - I'd recommend Freya's halterneck soft cup bikini tops or La Blanca for tankinis.


Hi mhairi

I can't say for sure which shape you'd be without more info but I'm guessing from your comment that you'd like to create a waist or draw attention away from your belly? Draped or ruched one-pieces (like the La Blanca pictured) are great for this. But if you don't want to hide under a one-piece, try this season's higher waisted bikini briefs, some of which have tummy control, or a bikini that has eye-catching details at the hip and bust - Pureda's contrast bikini, for example, has turquoise flowers at the hip and between the cups to draw the eye away from your tummy.


Hi Megan

Please don't take the guidelines too literally if they don't work for you! If you prefer to wear a short, you can still draw the eye upwards by pairing a plain short with a printed top, or by choosing a top with an interesting detail.


I am tall about 5"11 and slim size 8 to 10 but i only have 32A bra with slight loose skin around my tummy after kids can you help and i am only 26 so want something modern.


Hi Zoe

If you type 'push up bikini' into the search box you'll find some really cute bikinis - Hermanny by Vix is very flattering (and the slightly higher waisted briefs are a bonus after having children) and quite a sophisticated look; or try Princesse Tam-Tam for a flirtier style.


im going on holiday in the summer, with two size 8 friends with not an ounce of fat on them. im a size 14, but have what i can only describe as jiggly fat. im planning on loosing weight but i will always carry lots of weight around my middle..i have rather large love handles and big boobs, with a flatish bum. im predominantly smaller on bottom and want to find something which will suport my bust and take emphasis away from my "love handles". dont think this can be done but i would greatly appreciate any suggestions! thanks


Hi Katie

First of all, please don't worry about what your friends look like - concentrate on flattering your own figure! You don't give your bra size, but if you're bigger on top than on the bottom I'd suggest trying a bigger brief to balance out your silhouette. This season's higher waisted bottoms are also good for pulling in any jiggly bits. Hermanny, Moontide are good brands to try, or, for bra sized bikini tops in great colours and prints, Freya.

Angelica Jackson

Hi, I am a short girl, and my bum and thighs are big and a bit flabby! My bust is 32D and I have got a nice small waist. So I want something that holds my thighs and bum in control as dont want it all to wobble for every footstep I take on the beach! I have been wearing the tie side briefs but I feel like they dont give me enough support
What should I use?


Hi Angelica

Have you tried a Brazilian bikini brief? It will give you more side coverage than a tie side pant but the V shape at the back is a great way to minimise your bottom. Fold down pants are also a good option, but I would avoid a low leg shorty which will make your hips look wider.


Hi, I'm a 34C/D, 28 (waist), 37 (hips) and 168cm tall. I'm not sure what type of figure I have, but I want to flatter it! Also, I think I need more support at the top. Can you help please!?


Hi nimf

Sounds to me like you are an hourglass with a defined waist. If you're looking for a bit of support up top, try an underwired or bra sized bikini top or one-piece.


Hi im panicking bout my holiday in july with my 2 size 8 friends and there husbands and dont want to look like a beach whale what kind of bikini would you suggest i think im classed as a hour glass figure ive got a 29 waist a 42 hip and a big bum and a 34g bust and not a very firm belly and im only 5ft 2inch ish i do want to wear a bikini and not swim suit help!!!!


Hi Sharon

Don't panic! It sounds like you have a fabulous hourglass figure. I'd recommend a bikini by Freya, Panache or Pureda that will show off your waist and give you the support you need on top - perhaps a plunge or balconette to make the most of your curves. Then balance it out with a not-too-skimpy brief (but I would avoid a short).


I'll never get why the world at large doesn't make proper swim shorts for women. Roxy Quicksilver make a few, as do some of the other 'surf' brands, but no mainstream manufacturers, as far as I can make out. I'd swear blind there's a market for them - not everyone wants to go out in the equivalent of their underwear. You can always shop in the men's department, I guess, but it's not quite the same ;).

I have a skirtini I got last year from the US. It's flattering dry, but kind of a pain to swim in, so I'd like to replace it.


I wear a size 14 tall jeans and 36A bra. I need long torso suits, one piece material bras ( no defined cups) like in juniors' suits work best for me (otherwist the molded cups are too big) and have jiggly fat thighs. Is there a suit for me?


Hi Cathy

Some watershorts have just gone on the site - have a look at Speedo Fashion watershorts and see what you think!


Hi Pat
Have you tried Seaspray's longer length one-pieces? I also have a long torso and they work for me!


My daughter is 16. She has a very positive body image, fun at the beach with her friends, and doesn't really think about her body shape. However, with bathing suit season approaching, I would like to offer her advice in the store. I do not know which body style she is. I always asumed my daughter would follow be alot like me...she has not and I feel for her, although I do not tell her because she could still change as my body changed at 19. She is a full size C (34) and she has hips. She is not "fat" but does have a few areas around her back bone. She has very nice legs, beautiful shoulders and arms, and her but is not fat at all. What body style is this? Thinking back, I really did not pan out into an hour glass until I was 19....before that I was also a little larger, esp in the but area, but at 19 everything changed for me.

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