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February 26, 2007


Mrs Trellis

Didn't Helen Mirren admit on Oprah the best kept secret of all - that these celebrities are "going commando" underneath? Anyone who's actually tried on one of these gowns knows that they're boned and structured, meaning underwear, particularly a bra, is unnecessary. As Giorgio Armani himself said, "the dress should do the work, not the woman".

Plus I doubt very much that the lovely Anne Hathaway is wearing that ghastly Panache thing under her dress.


Well not many of us can afford £10k or whatever for a Balenciaga original with built in support. Isn't the point that the high street will be mirroring these styles and when they do with our non zero figures we'll need some support under them.


Teri Hatcher from Desparate Housewives admitted to using duct tape. I prefer panache to duct tape.


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